March 3rd, 2006

Me, Smile

Three links and a vacation. is cool. is also cool. is insightful.

The Family trip in early February was good indeed. The further removed from it, the less eventful it seems.. "We gathered together, had the formal reception, and steadily disperesed again." And yet, while the reception was the only real event of note, and nothing touristy done.. it was, in a hemming way, a clean, well-lighted place. I, my sister, and two cousins down in the basement playing ping-pong, just as if we were all 15 years younger. Me beating my Grandfather to the check for pizza and at the gas station, and his acceptance of this, hopefully knowing that his lessons of generosity have not gone missed. A 14-player game of Apples to Apples, including the unlikely gem of Red Apple "Mice" winning for Green Apple "Calm." Spotting the Valentine's Day promotion at the White Castle drive-thru. The subsequent pounding down of 10 sliders. My limited Japanese knowledge and my cousin's greater Japanese knowledege helping Aunt Harumi open up and relax a bit. The PSP wi-fi working in the coffee house while Mom and the Grandparents shopped at Kroger. Getting stuck with my sister making Coffee in a hurry because we though the caterer would do it.. nnno. My Uncle Zia as much offering to fund a restaurant or catering business if I ever went into my own.

Above all, seeing the decline in health and memory of my grandfather, the most generous, godly, admirable person I have known. Wonderful to be there and spend time with him, and saddening to see his starting to slow down. And I got to hear the story of him asking for my Grandmother's phone number...

and handing her a piece of paper, which had another girl's name and phone number on the other side.

George Kane, you were one rascal.