December 17th, 2005

Me, Smile

Either I'm greedy or responsible...

But, I'm going to be working a good bit of overtime this week, Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday all to be longer-than-usual days. This will result in some needed cash. Debts are steady-dropping, a very good thing, and I'm trying to push myself as long as I can on Sunday double-shifts, and any other available OT.

I'm just making note to people: if I seem distracted the rest of this month, it will likely be because I am tired and sleep-deprived. If I'm not about, it's for the same reason. And, if I do make it online, and I say "Well, it's bedtime.." at any point, please. just pat me on the back, tuck me in, and send my player on his way.

I'll be more available after New Year's Day, I figure.