December 2nd, 2005

Me, Smile

If only I worked at Timex.. or Magnavox.. heck, Coby!

Here's my idea: Alarm Clocks snooze buttons tend to be somewhat ineffective, because people can reach them rapidly and shut them off with deftness. That's good, in case you want more sleep, but to do so 4 or 5 times in a row will tend to make you late. What's needed is a snooze-system that grows more complex with time, so that the 5th attempt to shut it off is much more complex than the first.

An system for this exists. It's the game with four colored lights, from Hasbro. Simon.

Simply incorporate the four buttons onto the top of an alarm clock. The first time it goes off, have a loud annoying signal, as well as a flash of light and softer "boop" from one of the four colors. Then the 7-10 minute pause.. and now, alarm, beep-boop. The longer you lounge in bed, the more it takes to shut the danged thing off, the more awake you have to be to do it.