June 13th, 2005

Me, Smile

Low Nirope Prices

Rather a lot to say, no time to say it in. Hopefully around thursday I'll get enough breathing room to actually post about some things (Lensman, which Drake's got me reading now; the concert I went to Wednesday with Meaghan and some of her friends, and why my boss is such a nOOb.)

For now, I've been playing techie for the past 48 hours, and it hasn't stopped. As a result of my error compounded with the usual refusal of technology to work as it is meant to.. Meaghan has a Western Digital Caviar SE hard drive, SATA 160GB.

Can anyone use it? It cost $80, and Meg would like that not to be money entirely wasted, nor to have to go through eBay (though. that'd be the next step.. 7-day return period has expired, she said.) $50 with free shipping to any takers. It's SATA, again. I know few of you will have computers ready for such- but if anyone does..

Now, I'm off to go buy an IDE hard drive...