February 12th, 2005

Me, Smile

Minor random updates and statistics:

Paid off the TiVo. Should've done it earlier, at $13 a month versus $299, but.. wasn;t sure it was going to be entirely worth it.

Car: 79.845% dead.
Debt: $760 familial, $2800 credit cards, $1500 collegiate
Steps from the U-Haul up to Meaghan's new apartment's door, over which many pieces of furniture were lifted by several gentlemen including myself: 32

You know, John Varley's Titan, while having some of the essence of bad late-70's sci-fi, is a fairly good read. Hermaphroditic centaurs are.. well.. not used for too much sex, and the characters are interesting. However, I can't get past the first few chapters of Wizard. Just.. horrible. And after flipping to the last page.. I get a deep feeling of Matrix-Trilogy-Suck-Pattern.

Oh, and koogrr: I made it last year on just the 12 donuts. This year.. not keeping track.