November 16th, 2004

Me, Smile

Itza Castle, or, I have become Sam "Mayday" Malone

Well, those of you who have met Chiaroscuro on FurryMUCK have done so in a variety of places: West Corner of the Park, of course, and the wonderfully warm and open Honeybadger's Burrow; perhaps at the Studio du L'artiste, The Giant's Club, Chrono's The Raccoon's Tale[*1], the New Avian's Club or Equine Central, perhaps at the Dancing Unicorn Inn when you rang the helpstaff bell. But, increasingly, he's to be found at FurryMUCK's first place of a place, the nexus of Texas, Collapse )<lj user="Boingdragon", and to this day, a simple 't itza', five letters and a space, will bring you by. Jamen left FurryMUCK in late 2000, unfortunately taking the Itza Narthex and some subsidary rooms with him; I was unable to get them returned after that idlepurge, and had to scamble to put a new narthex in place. Along with that, I extended the castle further upwards, it now encompassing a full seven floors from dungeon to spire, housing some 30+ residences. There are a few things yet that have been dissapointments. I've yet to rebuild the guest room at Itza for those swept, an elegant idea of Jamen's that kept people in the castle. And the board has grown to see very little use, as LiveJournal communities and email lists have done a far better job of linking Texan community than I'm capable of. Yet, the success of the castle have oughtweighed those by far. The Narthex is a good conversational space, adaptable and flexible, not quite as cozy and homey as Honeybadger's Burrow but still with an honest warmth and a vibrancy. I recall the final episode of Cheers.. where Sam Malone declines to go with Diane to California. It'd mean that he'd have to leave Cheers behind.. and even moreso than Diane, or Rebecca, the bar is his driving force; that space for friends, conversation, crazy schemes and fun. It's home, and he can't leave without losing something precious. And Itza,, in that way, is Chiaroscuro's home. --Chiaroscuro [*1] Located on the fourth floor of Itza Castle.