May 1st, 2004

Me, Smile

LiveJournal Casting Call

Over the years online, one of the continuing coversations that springs up about once a year is 'Casting Call'. Usually in Honeybadger's Burrow, it's a trend of "If we were making a movie/cartoon/etc, who would be who's voice/actor/etc?"

So, let me bring up the LJ friends list.. and start the casting. Stripping out a few that I just can't think of a good voice for..

austin_dern = William H. Macy
boingdragon = Sissy Spacek.
buran = Sharon Stone with a bit more Brooklyn edge.
cbrenton = Randy Savage at his most sedate.
cygnata = Wynona Rider
dellway = Eddie Izzard
dragoncat = Young Kevin Spacey.
drakegrey = Ben Stiller
frysco = Ringo Starr
gafennec = Gary Coleman
gyngerfox = Michelle Pfieffer
haystack = Garth Brooks
jennbirdie = Sarah Michelle Gellar
keithbear = Randy Quaid
koogrr = Mick "Mankind" Foley.
magnavixen = Demi Moore (As the Bad Angel in Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle).
nonezumi = Wakko Warner
rcoony = Cosmo from "Fairly OddParents".
shirotenshi = Amelia from Slayers
skyglider = Rebecca Rojin-Stamos
spengler = As Spengler, Janine Garafolo. As Loam, Peter Tork.
tchall = Tim Allen
tuftears = George Takei

--Chiaroscuro, best voiced by Michael J. Fox as Marty McFly.