April 23rd, 2004

Me, Smile

Bess Eaton updates

Today starrs the big auction. Dunkin' Donuts (more technically, a franchisee group called 'BE Network Acquisitions LLC' with Dunkin-central's help) put in a sufficient counterbid to trigger a auction for the Bess Eaton's assets. They're going to close at least 9 of the 48 shops, and as many as 22! Quite obviously a "Keep Horton's Out" move.

http://www.abc6.com/article.php?ID=5039 and http://www.miami.com/mld/miamiherald/business/national/8422607.htm?1c have some of the information, there are plentiful articles on projo.com but registration is required.

Dunkin's also wants to buy the old Bess Eaton Bakery; That seems to be going for about 2 million on it's own- but the kicker is, they want it if and only if they win the bidding for the donut shops. There's a Boston company bidding on the bakery and headquarters as well.

No word about The Jan Companies or Honey Dew in this round, though they are potential bidders yet.. the decision might come today in court, though it's not certain.