April 6th, 2004

Me, Smile

It's on!

The Cashier's Check has arrived, for $1500. (And now I feel like I could have gotten $2000 for it. Oh well, no time for regrets.)

*hits the panic button*

The move is ON! Evacuate all @mongoose.net email addresses and move to the safe zones of @critter.net and @furhoo.com! Copy all websites and backup! (Thoooough the files will still be safe, just, soon inaccessible. Alert the media that mongoose.net is soon to no longer me a un-updated grest website, but will become a moderately schlocky googledancer's site! Women and vivverids to the rafts first! Thunder, thunder, thundercats HO!


--Chiaroscuro, off to the bank to verify and deposit the cashier's check.