March 2nd, 2004

Me, Smile

Donuts and iPods

Tim Horton's is taking over the local chain Bess Eaton. I'm not too happy about this.. Bess Eaton was the 2nd largest donut chain in the area, well known for bible verses on their coffee cups. I worked there a few months, my sister worked there for 5 years- bailing out recently as the company's debt piled up, donuts went downhill. Lot of good times and positive feelings about the chain, even if the last year it's been on a obvious slide. (They got rid of the vanilla-frosted bluebetrry donuts? AGH!)

Smart move of Tim Horton's to buy Bess Eaton: It'll give them about 50 stores in a fairly tight geograhic region (Southeast Connecticut, Rhode Island, South Massachusets), and be a major springboard towards moving into the rest of New England by 'squeezing' down from Canada and up from this area. And Bess Eaton was in bad shape fiscally.

Now, as a quick question to anyone (Especially koogrr) who may have spent time in Canada: Should I be looking forward to Horton's? How's the quality of the Coffee, Donuts, etc?

On another note: This article has some interesting commentary on the iPod ads. Interesting to note with the spoofs on Yerf, the silhoutte art appears very much desgined to eliminate that anonimity that this reviewer complains about.