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Somehting for the English Literature and Drama departments. - Mongologue — LiveJournal
November 21st, 2004
02:32 am


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Somehting for the English Literature and Drama departments.


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Date:November 21st, 2004 01:28 pm (UTC)

Y'know, Channel i here has been doing a series called Singapore Shakes, which is modern-dress, Singapore-located tales ``inspired'' by the Shakespeare canon. I haven't been watching it regularly ... I can never remember the time, and the mix of Elizabethan and Singaporean English is a bit much to take, but I like the challenge of seeing how much of the premise they have to outline before I recognize the source place. For example, ``Three sisters -- '' is plenty to identify the King Lear episode. But recasting A Midsummer Night's Dream into the ``Tale of the Seventh Month'' had me stumped until they got to the players in the park.

Mind, instead of the Titania and Oberon mythos they have Chinese magic entities provoking all the trouble; the Puck analogue is a minor monkey god.

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Date:November 21st, 2004 05:51 pm (UTC)
Updating the faery world into its closest cultural analogue is.. understandable, and could be done well, I imagine. Yet, I highly imagine that most episodes would be ripe fodder for this page.

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