Chiaroscuro Lyle Themyst (chefmongoose) wrote,
Chiaroscuro Lyle Themyst

Mid-vacation update.

Of the 5 candidates I voted for in this election, at all levels, 2 won, 2 lost, 1 I don't know about. No, I'm not telling you which- there's enough angst from the losing side and gloating from the winning side, just likeback in 1996. Except for the third-party canditate on the wane from the last elec.. oh wait.

Now for the trip. Wednesday was flying to Florida with Mom'goose, hanging with family (Mongoo'sis, aunt Kathy, and cousin Andrew), dinner at the excellent-if-slightly overpriced "The Melting Pot", a fondue chain. Mmmm. Chocolate-dipped cheesecake. After that, headed to Wal-mart for inflate-a-bed. I left my sister, mom, and aunt in the women's clothing section, returned 10 minutes later and they'd moved about two feet per minute. Brisk for them. To high joy, Diet Vernors and Diet Code Red were found in the beverage aisles.

Thursday was mellowness, some shopping. I now own the obligatory furry "Nature-painting animal on a splotchy-colored T-shirt.". Mine is wolf, and blue. Also found "Finland House" amazingly close to my sister's workplace, and received not only a boost in my heritage (being 25% Finnish), but home-made pasties. cplady knows the food I speak of. Impromptu visit to the 100th anniversary celebration of the West Palm Beach downtown fountain, which seemed a silly thing to celebrate, but the swing band playing was good, I won a jigsaw puzzle and innumerable plastic necklaces at skill games for charity, and the Rolling Rock served to me by deaf people was cold. Quite good.

Friday was a long drive up to Disneyworld with Mom and Sis, first time we'd been in 13 years. And, yes, it was excellent. Worth the 58.31 after tax, indubitably- Disney does provide rides that are massive, involved, and artfully done. Did Splash Mountain, Pirates of the Carribean, Splash Mountain, Haunted Mansion, The Rikki-Tikki-Tiki-Tiki-Tiki Room, Space Mountain, and other things of less note. cornrelish (Kristy) met us at 2pm and was not only invaluble for her Disneyworld Knowledge, helping us get around- she was great company. Great to finally meet her, wish she lived closer to me, darnit! We all had dinner at 'Kona' at Disney's Polnesian hotel. I plug the Mahi-Mahi. Kristy plugs the Creme Brulee, where she makes 10 layers out of 3. ;)

After that, Disneyworld fireworks show, then to adventures in hotel-finding with Kristy while Mom and Sis hit Downtown Disney to shop. Thanks to Kristy's travel-agent discount, we got an solid room for a dirt-cheap deal at "Holiday Inn SunSpree Resort- Lake Buena Vista", aka Raccoon Hotel. Pictures will be relayed for Paracelsus and Royce sometime. Reluctantly parted from Kristy's company, and hit the hay.

Today. Saturday,. an early start and a drive back to West Palm Beach. Restful times, catching up on net-things and TV. It's a strange thing to be on FurryMUCK and watching TV at once, especially without the pausability of TiVo. I feel like I'm not paying attention to either as I ought.

Speedy highlights thus far:
"Tall and curvy? Oh wait, that says tall and curly." True in either case!
"Don't twist my arm!"
Cheshire-cat pull toys.
Emblematic is so a word.
"She even laughs in an accent!"


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