Chiaroscuro Lyle Themyst (chefmongoose) wrote,
Chiaroscuro Lyle Themyst


Well, finally got some user pics uploaded. Main one is a piece of work I did a good 6, 7 years ago, and still captures my character Chiaroscuro rather well, I think.

Picked up a hitchhiker on Monday on the drive to work. Not something I do often, but I had time, he was going my way, looked harmless, etc. A black fellow in his 50's or so, in clothes that reeked of a swinging 1974. I'd like to say he was a source of endless fascinating stories and deep truths on life, but it was only 10 minutes of driving with him, and I gleaned only that #1: he had worked before as a cook, taking some classes through a community college for it, and #2: He was gay, as I was giving him a lift towards "His partner's home" , which was past where I work. After that, just Red Sox/Yankees discussion filled the remaining moments until I dropped him off at the entrance to the employee parking lot, where I caught the shuttle bus. Hope he caught a ride the rest of the way from someone else.

I'm sure had I given him a longer ride, I would've heard those fascinating stories. But if it'd been a longer drive ahead of me.. I probably wouldn't have picked him up at all. Catch-22. Not every car ride to a life-weathered hitchhiker can be Kerouac material.

Current vital statistics:
Car: 59.945% dead.
Debt: $6700 Credit, $2780 Ancestral, $1500 Collegiate, $5 Sibling.
Plush: 9 Viverrid, 2 Feline, 3 Procyonid, 1 Vulpine, 1 Warner. 1 Lapine and 1 Avian recently filtered out.


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