Chiaroscuro Lyle Themyst (chefmongoose) wrote,
Chiaroscuro Lyle Themyst

Buran's trip visit, in a speedy summary.

Tuesday:Madcap running around on my part to finish preparations.. and a cell-phone left at Stop-And-Shop.. made for a slightly late arrival to get buran at the airport. I think it was worth it, though, to show up in my suit, with flowers, to meet her. I do like to impress a lady. Chauffered her, her tent and a bag of jellybeans back home, and then slept..

Wednesday:Up far too early to get moving to catch the train to NYC- which we manage by 10 minutes to get the last commuter line from Old Saybrook. Into NYC by noon, quick lunch at the excellent Two Boots Pizza in GCT, some shutterbuggery from Buran int he main terminal. Off to the bus, which was the almost-right buss.. and after a few long blocks, finally got to the Intrepid Intrepid.
Intrepid's very groovy, Concorde and inside-the-ship exhibits especially. Lots of photos by both of us, and I bought Buran some Gummi Space Shuttles at the shop. After the museum, headed back to Times Square via walk-and-bus, and successful procurement of shoe-inserts and 17 minutes of internet time. (The former for Buran, who'd been walking aplenty; the latter for both of us due to my DSL being down. EasyInternet on 42nd street is a godsend.) Subway to the Apple Store.. and.. past it. Whoops, that was an express from 4-6pm? :P But Apple store was nifty, and a secondary, free internet source. Didn't buy an IPod despite much drooling over the 20Gig ones and the minis both. After that, off to the hotel.
The hotel was the Comfort Inn in 'Long Island City', which is Queens any way you slice it, but a close-to-Manhattan section. Nice room, helpful staff, no room service but a 24 hour delivery place close, good deep sleep.

Thursday:Slept completely through the Continental breakfast, and the leftover calamari didn't look appetizing, so we rolled back to the city without breakfast or lunch, and headed right for the American Museum of Natural History. Good Lewis&Clark film, American Indian displays, taxidermized animals as well. Plenty of photos taken, that to be scanned, upload, and cleverly captioned. An Endangered Species Candy Bar purchased at the museum store- Gray Wolf And Dolphin looked best, but taste made us opt for Black Rhino.
After that, late lunch at Isabella's, then back to GCT, and onto the train home. iPods still abounding, which surprised Buran at the proliferation- but not me, I've been on NYC transport before, everyone brings music. We swang back to Waterford just soon enough to get the Cold Stone Creamery before closing, num! Back home and chilled for the night.

Friday:Slept in, and didn't get to do much before I had to work except Paul's Pasta with Buran. Good food, Orangina (a tradition for me there, where else can I get it?).. and then a chunk falling off a tooth while finishing the Parpadella Carbona. Yikes! No time for a dentist though, off to work. Buran, Mom'goose, and Momgoose's surprisingly platonic friend Brian showed up mid-shift, which was nice, but in the middle of dinner rush yet. No time to really chat.

Saturday:A visit to the Nautilus Museum with Buran, which was neat as always, though little new since the last time I'd been there. Quick Mexican lunch at Ortega's, which was open and cooking despite a power outage, and tasty indeed. Then work, then home, then two games of Parcheesi with Buran. If you read Ozy And Millie, the 'House Rules Parcheesi' is only slightly less complicated than the actual rules, two of which I threw out rapidly before we started playing.

Sunday:Another late-sleep, but we were awake in time for Mom'goose to come home and say "Come on! We're going to be in a parade!". Huh? Well, the aforementioned Brian owns a 1929 Ford something, in great shape, and was going to ride it with other antique cars in Mystic 350 years parade. So, Buran and I joined along. A hasty lunch while waiting for the parade to start turned into a to-go lunch when it started to creep forward. At least I polished off my Grasshopper *hic* first. It was a neat thing to be in a parade, waving out windows to folks lining the street- though having done nothing to earn way into the parade but be a willing and tidy passenger. Afterwards, the Mystic Seaport store and Clyde's Cider Mill- the only Steam-driven cider press still in operation, National Historic Register and all that. Good cider. Another night of chilling, with Parcheesi, Risk, Razzle (80's letter-dice based game) and a lot of chatting.

Monday: Got moving to the dentist early for an evaluation on the tooth.. looks like a crown will be needed and 50/50 a root canal will be, too. Eeeyikes. Buran was mostly packed, and we finished loading the car.. good lunch at Olive Garden, then off to the airport. Later that night when she checked in, found she'd left some medication and a book behind.

Tuesday:Also found a deck of playing cards and several brochures she'd left behind.

Wednesday:Mailed the book and medication. Found a sock she'd left. Kind of nice finding these things, actually. Reminds me it was nice having her visit.


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