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Quick shots - Mongologue — LiveJournal
September 20th, 2004
09:09 pm


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Quick shots
Been a week of not-being-on-the-computer with buran visiting, and after 4 hours of going back and adding comments and reading everyone's LJ, I'm too tired to add real comments about her stay, except to say that it was fun to play Parcheesi with her on my bed.

That's literal Parcheesi, and not a metaphor for hanky-panky, mind. I beat her 3 games to 1.

Best of pass-it-along from the catchup:

Neko Seesaw. The sound effects make this game.

I worry about letting impressionable children on these.

Your Ultimate Kitchen Stadium Battle by alexlucard
The Challengerkeithbear
The Iron Chefsennard
The Chairmandrakegrey
The Commentatorparacoon
The TV Star Judgeboingdragon
The Politician Judgedragoncat
The Sports Star Judgeshirotenshi
The Psychic Judgeaustin_dern
Theme IngredientWarm Human Brains
The Winner:Challenger 3-1
Notable MomentChallenger stands on his cutting board insulting not only the entire country of Japan but chefs everywhere and earns the nickname of "ASSHAT."
Quiz created with MemeGen!

Phbbbt on that whole 'cutting boards are sacred', by the way. Knives are sacred. Cast-Iron pans are sacred. The Robo-coupe is sacred. Everything else is just equipment.


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