Chiaroscuro Lyle Themyst (chefmongoose) wrote,
Chiaroscuro Lyle Themyst

Anthrocon Report (Saturday)

Now that I've managed to pause City Of Heroes for a smidgen.. (wonderful game, that is. Quite literally the first video game, PC or console, that I want to spend more time on than FurryMUCK since 1996 and the heady days of LAN Warcraft II.)

Saturday morning was another prompt 7am wakeup, and a pointlessly long deliberation on wearing the chef outfit again or not. Opted for it again, as I knew it'd make me a lot more recognizable.. I get the feeling this is how Kage started wearing the labcoat all the time. Downstairs to Reg and Con Ops, where I started the day off working Pre Reg/Sponsor/Super Sponsor in the room just across from the Headless lounge. I had a working radio this time, but almost no need for it- it was a quiet few hours until about noon, where I gave out perhaps 20 badges. I read The Complete Peanuts volume 1, and dozed off in the chair between folks arriving.

At noon, I packed up and condensed Pre Reg over to New Reg, and headed off for another fresh round of commerce- collecting and re-distibuting sketchbooks, issuing more conbadges-for-coworkers commissions and collecting completed ones.

Bumped into quite a few people, Valent again, Serenity&ChrisPardus&Gabe, Iron Raptor. Had a nice chat with Lisa Sample, who's going to the Culinary Institute of the Americas. A CIA degree is the equivalent of an MIT or Yale degree: It means you'll get a job just about automatically, and probably one at insane pay rates. She'll be set.

Saw the art show, and lunch with Valent before he headed out.. more commerce, and then Kage's Story hour, of course. Managed to track down Slickpuppy immediately after, and we hung out in the Zoo, yammering and sketching while waiting for Animalympics to be shown. Unfortunately, they dimmed the lights for it, which ruined sketch possibilities and Slick's mood, so I was left to myself to watch it as he headed out.

Well, 'to myself' in a room a hundreds of others, many of whom blocking the bottom quarter of the screen, applauding in advance and laughing over lines I couldn't hear. Still, I enjoyed the heck out of this movie- first time I'd seen it, as well.

After the movie, headed back to the room. Wish I would've headed to Roho's room party, but I was too sleepy. Organized materials, then zonk, thud.


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