Chiaroscuro Lyle Themyst (chefmongoose) wrote,
Chiaroscuro Lyle Themyst

Anthrocon Report: Friday

An early-morning start, thanks to two alarm clocks. (double-buzz method always works in a strange place.) 6:30am I'm awake, and after a breakfast of Complete All-bran, grapes, and Diet MD Code Red, I'm ready to face the day. In chef whites, freshly pressed thanks to the hotel room's ironing board and iron. (Thus making me part of the 1% of AC attendees using that equipment, but enabling me to get away with an 'Iron Chef' joke.)
It's my second year wearing the Chef Whites at Anthrocon. For those of you who spotted me in that outfit: those are my work clothes, 5 days a week, at the restaurant I'm employed at; it's a cheap-as-free Anthrocon costume because work issues them to me. No, it's not in the least a 'Furry' costume. Nyah. Kage likes it. "Hey, you look just like a chef!" "That's funny Kage, you look just like a scientist." "Oh, it's a complete ruse, don't believe it."
Bump into Bennie, get set to open early.. and do so, by 8am. Helpers drift in throughout the day, thankfully, so I'm not running it solo. A nice mellow shift, run into murakozi Valent and chatted some. Appleby's has lent me a paper (Aka, the white cylindrical paper-based chef's hat), so my outfit is once again complete. After Pre-reg is consolidated down into sponsor/super-sponsor registration, I'm off to the dealer's room for adventures in commerce at about 1pm.

First purchase of the con: Buffalo Wings Collection volume 1. (Pregnancy storylines? Yowza. He got serious with this.) Rather quickly, I churn through a number of artists for C4C [footnote] and art, including Sidian, Caribou, Dark Natasha, the aforementioned Calisa, ScullyRaptor, and others. I spend quite a while at Dutch Koppenhaver's table, he's a friend from online as well.. and we discover a mutual love for the band Clutch. "IMPETUS! IMPETUS! I WILL NOT RELENT!" Ahhh, good times.

Flit over to Jim Groat's table, where he finishes a long-delayed C4C for me, and I commission two new ones. Groat gives good badge, and is an interesting fellow's table to wander by. Stop by Bill Holbrook/Plan 9 table, renew my Kell's Angels membership and buy On The Fastrack books, as well as some others to round out my collection. Make a quick wander through Artist's Alley.. holy crap! Dogz R. Barkin has that C4C from last year that got lost. Never thought I'd see that one. Also nabbed Albedo 6.0 from Gallaci. Bumped into the excellent Slickpuppy, who gave me another excellent mongoose super-hero picture..this year featuring Aquamong versus Black Mamba. I must get my scanner working..

After that, I dump things into the room and/or car, then off to the Kevin and Kell social, which includes Bill Holbrook and David Allen of Plan 9. A lot of chat about miscellany, including some spoilers for the strip, and other neat things. Good TGIFriday's food, as well. After that met up again with Valent, we headed up to my hotel room so I could show off purchases and sketchbooks. He knows be better as my fox or raccoon (secret) alts, and when there were pages after pages of mongoose in the sketches, I think it took him a bit aback. Though the raccoon gifts I got for Royce were there.. as was Royce after a few! Stopped by Valent's room, chatted a while more, then I headed back to my room and to bed. End Friday.

[footnote] C4C is Conbadges For Coworkers, my attempt to counteract some of the negative press about furries. Simply put, I buy conbadges of my co-workers each year, with them drawn in furry form, based off RL pictures. They always enjoy, some more than others, and it present a positive and pg-rated face on Furry.


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