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Anthrocon report: Wednesday and Thursday - Mongologue — LiveJournal
July 17th, 2004
11:44 am


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Anthrocon report: Wednesday and Thursday

There's not much to report about wednesday, except for why there's not much to report about Wednesday: I'd intended originally to have a nice mid-day start then, perhaps driving down to Maryland to give a ride to Slickpuppy (as last year), or stopping off in NYC to see Eapa, or just enjoying Philadelphia and places on the way. However, work curtailed my vacation day requests from a 7-day span to a 4-day span, and informed me I'd have to use a day of sick time and not vacation time. So, after work let out Wednesday night, the last-minute packing began. Very light this year, and only two items were missed.. more on them later.

Thursday the drive began at 2:02 am.. and began again at 2:15am, after I'd gotten a half-mile drive away and relaized I'd forgotten my camera. It was a smooth and uneventful drive, low on traffic, with only one moment of being-sort-of-lost in Princeton, near the NJ/PA border. I reached The Adam's mark at a nice early 8:07.. and drove on past to the Acme Supermarket for supplies. Diet sodas that were hard to track down in connecticut (Mountain Dew Code Red, Birch Beer), a box of good-for-me breakfast cereal, and a pound's worth of organic grapes.

Then, off to the Adam's Mark. Managed to get an excellent parking spot not far out the lower entrance.. so naturally, I didn't move my car the rest of the convention, and loaded things in and out of it daily. Headed to ConOps, and puttered around between there and the Regroom waiting for something to do. bigtig (Bennie) came in and was surprised I'd made it there.. as it turns out, I was the only person from prior registration staff- aka "The Yellow Shirt Era"- to make it back this year. He was running registration, which I also didn't know about, only that someone was and it wasn't Points. Starting at about 10am I got some productive tasks: Set up laptops and change the configurations in Linux, haul things upstairs for Pre-reg, and other such to be helpful. Listened to a CD by Clutch the whilst, which Bennie referred to as "Death Metal", and opted for some swing afterward.

Pre-reg started at 2pm, an hour ahead of schedule. And it moved fast, thanks to Bennie's computerless system and the preprinted badges... and, hopefully to me being 'in charge' of things having a positive effect. I had a solid staff of volunteers, including MaggieKitten and Rikkina.. whom I shared the Footloose the Mongoose books and other meefity goodness with. Problems were resolved, lines were bifurcated by last name, secondary forms of ID were checked.. and that ran until about 8:30. After that, checked into the hotel, hauled some things up to my room, and bumped into the roommate rcoony. Royce was surprised at my actual unpacking of clothes into the hotel furniture. I always overpack on clothes, and like to have things organized enough so I'm not digging in a suitcase bottom for one matching sock.

Quickie staff meeting, where Stan Sakai and Michael Gagne made appearances.. and film2edit (ChillyMouse) gave me a lei, and invitied me to hangout with her after the meeting. Did so, in a nice mellow sketchbook party. Passed around those organic grapes to appreciation, recieved naked raccoongirl art for free, and drew on Chilly's shirt. Calisa was there, and Royce dropped by as well. A "Catching the Real Con" time, it was.

After that, one last load of stuff from the car, and back to the room to sleep at 2am.


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Date:July 18th, 2004 05:16 am (UTC)
I'm horribly ashamed to admit that I don't know death metal from classic rock at times. *sob*

You were aces to have around. By "captaining" the pre-reg and later working downstairs, I'm going to make a bet that you handled the single-highest amount of registrations of any one person at the con.

Cool :)
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Date:July 18th, 2004 08:18 am (UTC)
Your rock education will be advanced. Oh yes. It will. *rubs his wyddle paws together*

And, well, that depends on defining 'handled'. Most of Thursday I was steering traffic and addressing problems, not actually taking signatures now handing out badges. Friday morning I did a good share of 'em, though, there were only 2-3 helpers then.

Eh. I did my part. :)

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