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Well, it's been a fairly busy month, between wallet restocking and paperwork with the credit card companies.. and the aforementioned computer kerblooeying on 1am Tuesday. Or 'kerthudding' might be a better faux-gerund; The system just shut off as if the power switch was flipped. Successive attempts with the UPS and power switches yielded nothing. So, a farewell:

Here lies The Beyonder, 2/01-6/04, an Athlon 900 from Beyond Computer Corporation. Good service he rendered, faithful DSL connections, and surprising effectiveness for a 5-orientals-in-a-garage computer. He is survived by old friends H.P. Printer and Acer Scanner, the latter whom was estranged from him at the end, and his newest companion, Compaq 21" Monitor. Causes of death are unknown: A wheezing rattle was a sign of fan trouble near the end, but Power Supply failure is supposed.

After an early-morning autopsy, I headed shopping.. an issue of Computer Shopper grabbed quickly for research. I remember when these used to be 800-page bricks with lots of ads.. now they're less than 200 pages. Darn it, one wanted those ads. A few stops later, I found a solid deal at Best Buy: the eMachines T2798, with 2.7Ghz Celeron, 60Gig HD, 512M Ram, DVD/CD-RW combo drive, and Digital media card reader on the from for Sony MemoryStick and things I don't care about. 5 USB ports, Windows XP, all the usual yadda yadda. For $449.. with a 17" Monitor.

Mind, I have a 21" active and a 17" backup, so didn't need the monitor.. but it's a package deal, and was really the best system. So, decided it would do, went to buy it.. and they'd sold out. But, they'd knock $50 off the price of the floor model. Cool. I try to convince the manager (after he's been fetched to approve) to keep the monitor and knock $30 more off.. no dice. I end up going with the 3-year Best buy warranty for $120, as well.. a bit steep. $520 combined, and with sales tax, $550.

That night, I resell the monitor to my friends Tim and Jessica for "$40." "$25?" "$30." "Okay.", and make back.. the sales tax. Well, it's something. And they needed to move up from their old 15" CRT to a 17".. they like it much better, so it's win-win. (Of course, if it were juat Tim I could have gotten $50, but Jessica's too savvy a dealmaker.) Helped them hooked it up, got my LJ check done.. then headed home for installation time.

Tuesday was all hardware hookup and profile stuff. Wednesday, DSL, then Mozilla and AIM. Thursday, Trebuchet, YIM, ZoneAlarm. Friday I finally found my bookmarks for Mozilla and set it properly. Saturday and Sunday minor things, and Monday night, I set Outlook Express up properly. A little more backing up and I'm done.

Also Monday, The Beyonder headed over to Linux Rob's house for some investigation. Once I can pass him the hard drive back, he's going to see if it's an easy fix, and if so, just charge me for parts and the latest Mandrake Linux version (So he can get a copy too, of course), and we'll let it up as a Linux box at my house. Never underestimate the power of harnessing zealots for tech support. ;)


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